OMG! I have been fired!

One year ago, I was invited by some HR Manager to join a meeting in a private room.

The meeting was short and in less than 30’ I was out of the room with a letter in my hands. In those days, the company was experiencing a new and complex, management reorganization, and therefore facing an inevitable transformation.

The atmosphere was very tense, rumors about people being left at home were spreading like a diseases, and everyone was wondering about its own future.

On November 5th 2018, it was my turn. I was fired.

I knew it could have happened, and being very honest, I was actually hoping for it.

I was not angry nor nervous at all, on the contrary I was very calm and present because I knew that in that precise instant, I was crossing one of those life changing moments that drastically shock your entire life pattern, challenge your emotions, and revel your integrity at a deep level.

In fact, I was suddenly very excited! I was ready for it, I had a plan, and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to roll it out! In the last 12 months I had the time and the freedom to rethink my professional future, focus on my personal development and today I am genuinely proud of my achievements.

#Have you ever been fired?
#How did you deal with it?
#What could you do to start preparing yourself to handle such unpleasant situation?

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