Rediscover your core values to improve your relationships in business, family, friendship…

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of things that we do with joy and fulfillment, and others that we dislike, or causes us some stress?

Have you ever overreacted in a situation without even noticing the real reason?

Have you ever experienced some unexpected emotions while being engaged in a conversation with someone?

So, why this happen and how can we improve?

Honestly, the topic is huge, literature is endless, and in real life it affects many areas of our life, in particular the way we interact with people, in our families, business, friendship…

To me this has a lot to do with our core values, our ability to understand how they affect our emotions, and our capability to be present.

Think about a person who has grown up on his own, self-sufficient, someone who does not like to ask for any help or whatsoever…. what kind of reaction do you think he will have in front of someone suggesting him to do something perhaps in a different way that he does…?

or think about someone who enjoy company, work in team, share experience, and suddenly is asked to work on an individual project with little interaction with people…

think about someone who likes having the house tidy and in order and shares the apartment with someone who’s particularly messy…

to me, at the beginning of any possible conflict, there is a clash of values!

In the first case for instance, the person perhaps has independence as a core value, and being asked to do something in a different way triggers his reaction…

In the second case, teamwork or solidarity or even family can be a core value, but working alone those values are missing…

In the third example one’s value is about order, or perhaps efficiency and living with someone being messy can be really hard…

Well, at this point I bet you understand exactly what I am talking about!

So, why knowing our values and being aware of them is so important?

Since in our daily life we are constantly interacting with people and we all have different set of values it is fundamental, to understand what our core values are, be aware of them, how they serve us, and how they can trigger our emotions.

Once we are aware of them we can use this learning to improve the quality of our relationship with others, being more present, communicating without hurting each other, without overreacting, without feeling disappointed, offended or getting mad!  

Do you think it is easy?

Not at all, but it is possible to improve…it just takes some practice!

Just imagine yourself being more aware of all this, think about how your relationship can improve, with your boss, your colleagues, your clients, your husband, wife, partner….

# What do you think about that?
# Are you aware of your core values?
# Are you aware of how they serve you?

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