What is a VISION BOARD and how can help you defining your goals!

Do you know what is this image?

It’s a Vision Board!

Do you know what is used for?

Vision Board is an amazing tool to create a tangible representation of what we want to achieve in the future.

Vision Board can be used to define personal goals, team goals, family goals, or business goals.

The is no right or wrong way to do it, no proper guidelines, rules or limitation there is just YOUR own way, and it all depends on how you use your creativity and imagination.

As I said in other posts or during my workshops, everything starts with our goal settings.

In fact, what is really important it that we ensure that our goals are well aligned with our values, they must be defined in a positive way, they have to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

The picture in this post is my own Vision Board for 2025.

The guy on the right is myself growing the tree of my life with love, faith, enthusiasm, genuinity, authenticity, vulnerability, wisdom, determination, courage, and integrity.

In the tree I am visualizing my family, and all the personal goals I want to achieve within the 2025:a wedding celebration for my 10 years marriage anniversary
surfing with my boy

# being fluent in Thai and French
# driving my live with Kaizen principles
# seeing Swellcoaching moving forward
# having a family van
# keep on rock climbing
# having a nicer house
# getting PCC coaching credentials
# live our life across Sardinia and Thailand

Do you think is too much?

I do not think so, in fact, this is just the basics and I have no doubts I will be able to achieve them.

The important is to have a strategy, a road map, define milestones, in other words, beside the Vision Board, it is also important to have a solid project plan to support the vision and to ensure that every day we will work a little more toward the success.

And you? What are you going to put in your Vision Board?

If you need any help to create it, I will be glad to help you!

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