SmartWorking IS NOT HomeWorking

As you might have noticed, since the COVID-19 has become a global issue, the word SMART WORKING has inevitably landed on everyone’s mouth and, let me add, finally it has!

As usual, a situation of great difficulty opens up new opportunities for change and transformation, and nature teaches us that changing, transforming and adapting is the only way to survive.

In a world knocked down by the current health situation SMARTWORKING  is, in my opinion, one of these necessary practice to ensure the survival of the Homo-Officectus species.

In fact, what was previously considered simply an element to make companies look cool and modern has now become an essential necessity.

But what does SMARTWORKING really mean?

First of all, we need to keep in mind one basic thing: SMARTWORKING doesn’t just mean working from home, that’s trivially “HOMEWORKING”.

SMARTWORKING is something more articulated, its concept is enclosed in its own name that comes from the classic definition of “SMART goals”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound.

SMARTWORKING means learning how to use communication technologies such as VPN, ZOOM, Gotometing, Microsoft Team Meetings etc…, but above all it means learning to communicate differently, first of all learning to listen effectively.

SMARTWORKING means using technologies that don’t need the physical presence of documents, as such using Clouds or file sharing, and don’t freak out if something cannot be printed or scanned!

SMARTWORKING presupposes a whole new self-management approach to manage ourselves, our time, emotions, confidence.

SMARTWORKING means being able to keep motivation and engagement alive. Despite everything we are social animals, and being “alone” can have unexpected repercussions on how we interpret what we are doing and why we are doing it.

SMARTWORKING requires a change of radical culture, at 360 degrees and involving everyone, from CEO to intern, no one excluded.

SMARTWORKING presupposes a change in Leadership style, more focused on trust, knowing how to grant it, give it and respect it.

Certainly SMARTWORKING is not applicable to all sectors but, where possible, it can really contribute to that revolution of work oriented towards people’s welfare, process simplification, reduction of bureaucracy, greater personal freedom, increased creativity , reducing costs, enhanced work-life balance and offering better service for our clients.

When one is satisfied, feel valuable, and happy, the outcome will definitely improve as well as the customer satisfaction.

What do you think?
When your organization will start working SMART?
What would you need to do it?
What are you waiting for?

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