What is coaching? Coaching is a learning methodology, it is a thought-provoking conversation that helps the client to gain a better understanding of him/her self, remove potential blocks, and take action toward a desired outcome.

What are the benefits of coaching? Coaching is goal oriented and focused on results. It can be extremely useful to gain clarity over a certain situation, resolve internal conflicts and quickly move to action.

What is your area of expertise? You are the expert of your life, I am the expert of the process, and I normally deal with personal growth, transformation, career changes, and business matters.

What results can I get from coaching? It really depends on you, and your ability to commit. My role will be to support you and help you finding the right strategies to do it.

Where are you based? – I am based in Cagliari, Sardinia and I offer my coaching services either offline and online.

Can we do a coaching session online? – Of course, we can, I normally recommend to use Zoom, however I often use also Skype or WhatsApp.

How long a coaching session normally last? Either we are working online or offline, my coaching session always last 1h sharp.

How does Team Coaching work? – Team coaching is more complex that individual coaching and it requires a specific approach to be discusses together before starting.

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