Amazing coaching experience. […] Riccardo is a real “sounding board” as he likes to define himself. […] I recommend Riccardo to those who want to rediscover themselves, get involved and rediscover their focus! Marco, Civil Engineer (Italy)

Riccardo is an emphatic and sensitive coach, who really interacts on a profound level with his clients. […] Thanks Riccardo for the interesting conversations. Agnes, Quality Manager (Germany)

[…] Sharp-minded, highly perceptive, empathetic and goal-oriented provided me an inspiring coaching experience. I highly recommend him as a life and executive coach. Thank you, Riccardo […] Fani, HR Director (Greece)

Con Riccardo si fa un percorso personalizzato sulle proprie esigenze di business […] Ci vuole molto impegno personale, il grosso lo facciamo noi che ci rivolgiamo a lui, […] Assolutamente consigliato! Roberta, Graphic Designer (Italy)

Riccardo is a wonderful coach and we immediately clicked since the first coaching session, Thanks to his honest and caring approach I’m now well equipped with new thinking frameworks and perspectives that will help me to stay on track and achieve my ambitious goal. Antonello, Sales Operations Manager at Google (Poland)

Riccardo was the coach that helped me unlock my potential and start imagining a different life for me. […] I am grateful to Riccardo for this. Vivian, Professional Coach, MBA (Greece)

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